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PROTECH Complete Sandblasting Equipments

COMPLETE SANDBLASTING EQUIPMENT MOD. 8-EM2 part.n.. 48051050, consisting of:

  • Sandblasting machine mod. Micrajet 8 complete with m.4 blast hose and nozzle 3 mm.
  • Air extension mod. 10/23 consisting of m.10 air hose i.d.13 x o.d. 23 mm. complete with fittings to connect compressor to blasting machine
  • Nozzle 4 mm.
  • Complete hood mod. RC4 and 1 spare parts set subject to normal wear and tear ( n. 1 aerosol filter + n.10 glasses mm. 100x140x2 tickn.)
  • Kg.100 abrasive type GMA46 and abrasive fill measurer of litres 2
  • Trailer-mounted Electro-compressor Mod. QEM22R, voltage 220 Volts mono-phase 2,2 KW, complete with tank of 24 l.
  • The complete blasting equipment mod. 8-EM2 is particularly suitable for the use in places or flats, provided with a 3 kw 220 volts mono-phase household meter, because, using the nozzle mm.3, allows of blasting at a constant pressure between 0,05 and 4 bar, with a working autonomy from 5 to 15 min. about, therefore, allowing of carrying out the following superficial treatments:
  • Blasting of metallic structures with calamine, rust and/or old paint
  • Cleaning and restoration of relining brick, stone particulars, marble and granit removing old paintings, dirt, smog, calcareous deposits, graffito and cleaning of wood particulars removing dirt and smog deposits.
  • Restoration of epoch cars, maintenance and / or cleaning of naval and nautical particulars.
  • Cleaning of moulds, welds and copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel handworks.
  • Execution of indelible written on every kind of surface ( glass, marble, wood, plastic or abs ecc.)
    Using the nozzle mm.4, it is possible to work at a constant pressure between 0.05 e 2 bar and therefore allowing of treating the surfaces by mean of a larger jet but only if is not indispensable to work at a working pressure over 2 bar.

It is also available the COMPLETE SANDBLASTING EQUIPMENT MOD. 8VR-EM2. Part.n 48056050 It is supplied with all components of mod. 8-EM2 except for mod. Micrajet. The model of supplied Micrajet in the complete equipment MOD. 8VR-EM2 is Micrajet Mod. 8VR.